Press Release November 17, 2008

Roadrunner Begins Roadrunner-Direct Sales of F45 and E25 Motors to Consumers

Roadrunner Rocketry Inc. has begun selling the F45 and E25 single use motors directly to consumers, making the motors easier to obtain for flyers without local dealers.  Orders of 10 or more motors also receive special pricing that more than offsets shipping charges and allows volume purchasers to buy Roadrunner motors at a price below suggested retail price approximating the street price available from launch site vendors.

Roadrunner-Directpricing for small quantity orders of 3 to 9 motors will be list price with a shipping charge of $10. 

Roadrunner-Directorders of 10 to 28 motors will have a shipping charge of $14 and be priced as follows.  The F45, list price of $14.95 is sold Roadrunner-Direct for only $12.95; the E25, list price $12.95, is sold for $10.95.  Accordingly, the minimum 10 motor purchase, with shipping included, results in a net per-motor price slightly below list price.  The maximum 28 motor purchase results in all-in prices of $13.45 for F45s and $11.45 for E25s. 

Although Roadrunner believes the best place to purchase model rocket motors is from your local dealer, not all rocketeers or clubs have access to Roadrunner dealers.  Roadrunner believes Roadrunner-Directis a compelling offer to consumers who do not have access to Roadrunner motors, for small clubs, or for those clubs with small fields inappropriate for larger Roadrunner motors.

Roadrunner will ship Roadrunner-Directmotors twice per month (near mid and end of month) via US Postal Service Parcel Post.  Order early to allow for this and for postal delivery times.  Be sure to fill out the order forms completely to avoid delays.