Press Release September 12, 2008

Roadrunner Rocketry Introduces the E25R Single Use Motor

Roadrunner Rocketry Inc. introduces the E25R, a 29mm single use model rocket motor.  The smallest and least expensive Roadrunner motor offered, the E25R allows you to fly with Roadrunner reliability in smaller fields and at lower cost. 

At $12.95 the E25R is the lowest price composite 29mm single use motor available – in fact, there is no composite single use motor of any size that is less expensive!  The E25R is priced 13% less than the competitive single use E motor and 30% less than a popular single use F motor that has only 2 N-S more!

It is the only 29mm single use E motor available, so no adapters are required to fly in such popular kits as the LOC Aura, Lil Nuke and Weasel, Binder Design Dragonfly, Madcow Honest John, PML Tiny Pterodactyl, and Aerotech Tomahawk and Mustang, among others.   This motor makes your rocket fleet more versatile as the same rocket can now be flown both at your club’s smaller field on the E25R and at the larger high power fields on higher impulse motors. 

The E25R has a total impulse of 39 N-S, peak thrust of 40 N, and a burn time of 1.5 seconds and is offered with both a 7 second and a 4 second delay as well as plugged (special order only).  Certified by Tripoli Motor Testing, the E25 is also approved by the California State Fire Marshal for sale and use in the state of California.  As with all Roadrunner motors, the E25 includes a two-wire igniter and a built-in thrust ring.

The motor uses the same Rapid propellant as the popular Roadrunner G80R, F60R and F45R, in a reliable one piece molded casing. 

As with the F45R, Roadrunner has obtained permission from the US Postal Service to ship the E25R via Parcel Post.  At present, Roadrunner has not extended such authorization to Roadrunner dealers and, as with all motors approved for shipping via the US Postal Service, consumers are not authorized to ship such motors unless they have obtained specific written authorization from the US Postal Service. 

Roadrunner has inventories of these motors ready to ship immediately.  For more information, including downloadable wRasp and Rocksim motor files, thrust curves, and instructions, see