Press Release  May 16, 2006

Roadrunner Rocketry Introduces 29mm single use motors

Roadrunner Rocketry Inc. introduces three 29mm single use composite model rocket motors in the F and G impulse class.  These motors include a two-wire igniter, have a built-in thrust ring and have 7-10% more impulse than competing motors, all at a suggested price about 20% less than competitive offerings.

Roadrunner propellant produces white/grey smoke with a bright white flame and a moderate burn time.  Rapid propellant is a short burn, high thrust propellant producing a moderate amount of dark smoke that makes it easy to track flights.

Roadrunner offers two motors in the Rapid propellant and one motor in the Roadrunner propellant, as detailed below:

  F35 F60R G80R
Propellant Roadrunner Rapid Rapid
Total Impulse 78 n-s 77 n-s 108 n-s
Peak Thrust 50 newtons 90 newtons 114 newtons
Burn Time 2.3 seconds 1.3 seconds 1.4 seconds
Delays (secs) 6, 10 4, 7, 10 4, 7, 10
Length 112mm / 4.4” 112mm / 4.4” 140mm / 5.5”
Retail Price $18.95 $18.95 $20.95

These single use motors are fully assembled and contain 62.5 grams or less of propellant.  Utilizing a one piece molded casing, the motors have been extensively tested and have proven to be highly reliable and easily ignited.  Certified by the National Association of Rocketry, the motors are also approved by the California State Fire Marshal for sale and use in the state of California.

Roadrunner has substantial inventories of each motor ready to ship and is in the process of establishing retail distribution and launch site motor vendors. Interested parties should contact Roadrunner by email.

For more information, including downloadable wRasp and Rocksim motor files, thrust curves, and instructions for use, see