Aerotech Model Rocket Kit Modifications

Overview   Aerotech model rocket kits are designed with a hook for motor retention, a block in the motor tube that acts as an internal thrust ring and the motor mount tube is recessed in the airframe.  These kits are well designed and without modification should work with Roadrunner motors.  However, the longest Roadrunner motors will protrude slightly from the rocket.  Accordingly, the CG/CP relationship should be checked to make sure it is appropriate for stable flight and positive motor retention in addition to the motor hook will likely be required.     

If you are familiar with model rocket construction, you can make the following modifications when building your Aerotech kit in order to allow the use of longer motors.


NOTE:  Motor retention is still required!  There are numerous retention methods.  Roadrunner Rocketry motors have a built in thrust ring; masking tape can be used to build an effective thrust ring on other motors.  Masking tape should be wrapped around Roadrunner motors to achieve a tight fit in the motor tube in combination with a positive motor retention method.

That is it!