Become a Launch Site Motor Vendor

Roadrunner believes that having launch site motor vendors makes for better attended launches with more flights.  Toward that end, Roadrunner is recruiting launch site vendors.

What is involved in being a motor vendor?  It’s simple, really.  Step 1.  Buy 40 motors from Roadrunner.  Step 2.  Attend rocket launches.  Step 3.  Sell motors.  Step 4.  Repeat.  That’s it!  Roadrunner motors should sell well – they have more power, a built-in thrust ring and a traditional two wire igniter.  Oh, and did I mention they are priced about 20% cheaper than the other guy’s motors?

Surely there is more than that – what else do I need to know?  If you insist on making it complex…

If interested, email Roadrunner.  Provide your name, address, phone, the club and specific field(s) where you would like to sell motors.   Roadrunner will contact you to discuss this further.