Where to Buy Roadrunner Motors

If your local retailer or motor dealer doesn’t carry Roadrunner motors, you can do three things:

First, ask them to carry Roadrunner motors and direct them to www.RoadrunnerRocketry.com. Retailers can’t read minds, but if enough customers ask for something they will get the idea.  Get five or six of your rocket friends to ask the same retailer to carry Roadrunner motors.  And when they get them in stock, buy them there. 

Second, email Roadrunner the store’s contact information.  Although Roadrunner contacted a number of hobby stores that it could identify as carrying mid-power rocketry products, no doubt many were missed.  Let Roadrunner know where you would like to buy your Roadrunner motors and Roadrunner will make sure they receive information on Roadrunner products and why they should carry them for their customers.

Third, consider becoming a launch site vendor of Roadrunner motors.  You can find information about doing so here.

Photo courtesy of Greg Smith

Photo courtesy of Greg Smith